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Ethereal Imabari 2-Sides Wash Towel 34*35cm

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Imabari Collection


Experience our skin-friendly towel. One side guaze, one side sponge, in 100% cotton, featuring with Ethereal embroidery, made in Imabari, Japan, available in different sizes.


The Imabari towel production has original and strict quality standards. Not all towels produced in Imabari can be called "Imabari towel" brand-certifijied products. Only towels that pass twelve strict quality standards such as water absorption and durability can receive the "Imabari Towel" brand recognition trademark awarded by the Shikoku Towel Industry Association. In Japan, "Imabari towels" have been regarded as the representative of the highest quality towels. We have reached all the standards and have been qualifijied by the Shikoku Towel Industry Association. Ethereal ensures the quality and the manufacture procedure of our products.


Size: 34*35cm

Care Instructions: Machine wash at 30-40 degrees, tumble drying not recommended.




Bathroom, Bath towels

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