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Ethereal is a homeware brand established in Paris in 2016, dedicates to sourcing the finest materials in the world and introducing the most comfortable lifestyle to our friends, our clients.

“Ethereal” means extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world, which is also a lifestyle that we want to bring to our clients. You can always bring this elegance into your home with our products.

You can find everything that fits your daily life in Ethereal. We have products for living room, dining room, bed room, bathroom, fragrance and will have the upcoming exterior collection for garden and yacht. Our products diverse from daily use to occasional use. We also provide some customisation services for special request.

We have our Prayer Collection which is designed mainly for the praying use. We would like to introduce a neoclassical homeware collection for daily praying use, which revisits the classics with a modern touch. We have praying table, praying table to-go and the porcelain accessories collection crafted from our artisanal atelier at Limoges.

We have our Bed room collection collaborated with Descamps and Peter Reed, which ensures the excellent quality for your sleep. They are all made in coton and sea island coton, in France and in the UK.

We have our Bathroom Collection which is ideal for daily bath use, which is extremely soft and made in 100% Egyptian coton in France and in Japan. They are highly qualified and certificated. The comfort of our towels and robes embraces and soothes you every time when you use them.

We have our Fragrance Collection which is inspired by the 7 Chakras, we have 7 different notes for this collection, each of them is inspired by the natural and the spiritual energy, made by Antoine Lie, a famous French Perfumer.