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Descamps X Ethereal Bath Towel 30*30 cm

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Our soft silky bath towels and rugs in 100% cotton, featuring with Ethereal embroidery, collaborated with Descamps, made in France, available in different sizes.

Size: 30*30 cm

Care Instructions: Machine wash at 30-40 degrees, tumble drying not recommended.




The Descamps collection, which is produced in France and in Portugal, are made by the materials selected by the expertise. We did the best choice of the finest cottons: for inimitable comfort, unique sensations of softness and lasting quality. Fineness of the fiber, comfort and softness of the fabrics, we would like to offer you the finest materials for your greatest well-being.


Our expertise as a spinner and draper while respecting the tradition of luxury household linens and respecting the environmental protection. Choice of exceptional fibers and materials, finishing of fabrics, dyeing, weavings and weaves, sophisticated manufacturing are all areas of expertise to develop the most beautiful sets of sheets, to awaken the senses and softness and comfort. 


The know-how of a draper and spinner lies essentially in the work of the material, we try to make the best transformation and embellishment of fabrics. Fine weaves, perfect color, perfect finish to provide softness and flexibility are the main areas of excellence of our House. 


This collection is mainly designed for the clients who are more used to the traditional towels, which is fluffy on both sides, and extremely soft which is perfect for your everyday shower. 


We also have robes and mules of this collection for winter and summer which are perfect for every season.

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